Today I am really tired.  It was really hard to get up.  I think I might of woken up as one of the worst times you can wake up.  I think that is during rem sleep.  That reminds me of my dad’s app and watch.  When he goes to sleep, he turns it on.  In the thirty minutes before he wakes up, the watch will wake you up at the best time.  It might wake you up early, but you will feel refreshed.  I think that that time is right after rem sleep.

We went to church which was uneventful, and we ate a lucky street( that was the name), at a japaneese place.  My dad told me to read the pushcart war book because it was for summer reading, so I did.  He stopped me a lot to tell me to do stuff.  I wish I had more time to read.  It is about the new York push carts run over by the trucks, both literally, and metaphorically.  I recommend it. I think it is a true story, but my dad keeps saying it is not, just that it is good writing, so I am kind of torn in between.

I also went to an art place.  It sucked and was boring.  The only point worth noting is my sister and I got painted by a guy and a computer.  It is of her smashing me with a hammer.  It was pretty weird and funny.  I was really tired the whole time, but once I got into the pushcart war, I wasn’t tired anymore.  It is a seriously good book


School equals done

Well, I survived my first week of middle school.  As I said, I got a lot of hw for the weekend, and I just finished it.  I have a project due on Monday too.  A project, already! You might be thinking that, but yes, I was surprised too.  The project was supposed to be review from last year, but I wasn’t here last year, so it is all new.  I read the text book, so I am sort of up to speed.

Yesterday I started laying halo 3 again.  I was trying to get to a higher level in halo reach, but I like halo 3 now.  I reacquainted myself with the controls, and I am playing it again.  My dad didn’t finish the game on this xbox, so I am going to finish it myself.  It is awesome.  There is one level I haven’t played, so i am super excited.

I forgo

I forgot to write my blog yesterday.  The reason I am forgetting to do this, is because I am too busy with my hw.  Already, my weekend home work is this:  I have to do a chart in la, two pages of the workbook in chineese, a timeline project in ss, review questions in science, and for math, a page of the math book, and the journal.

I am getting a bit overwhelmed, but I like hw.  I don’t know why, but I just like having work to do and getting good grades. I mean, my star test grade came in today.  If you don’t already know, the star test is a standardized test with no effect on a grade.  It is to see where you are.  I got a full score in science, and my math and language weren’t far behind.  My language was worst, but still good.  In my grades however, I got the highest score in language.  That just shows you how inaccurate these standardized tests can be.

Today is Friday!  TGIF.  TGIF is a Resturant in america.  Sadly, I never got to go there.  Well, still TGIF.  If you don’t know what that is, it is thank god it’s Friday.  I am glad it is Friday because that means that I can play games again.  Wahoo!

School 2

I forgot to write about yesterday yesterday.  This is that day in brief:  I went to a bible class and I researched about the promethean boards, the board used for class in mrs Hebert’s room.  She teaches math and science.  I wish I had one of those things.

Today I went swimming.  In pe it is required to do swimming.  We will swim for two and a half weeks, when the gym is being reconstructed.  The swimming is tiring.  I wish we could just free swim.  The facility is a nice place though.  I think we should go there some time. 

I am getting used to this new school.  I am also getting used to this new life.  China is kind of a nice place.  I just have to wait for the school year to become normal.  I’m kind of just worn out now.


Today was the first day of school.  I was really curious and excited, but I was also a little nervous. I went on the bus and I wondered If you went to a room, then went to class, or just went to class.  It soon became obvious that you just go to class.

I liked the school lockers too.  Lockers are a great way to put your books and not have to carry them everywhere.  We also had an IT class.  All we did today was make an account password.  In math, the councilor came and asked us to say the differences between this year and last year.  My answers were half of the time the opposite of the others because I come from the us.

At the end of the day, I went back home with the bus.  The bus picks me up first and drops me off last.  I thought you might want to know that.  I think that is because we live the farthest away.

Supply helper

Yesterday morning, I woke up kind of late.  This day was different.  I blogged, but I didn’t know my other hw.  I for got to mention that yesterday’s yesterday was the day we hired a nanny.  She was really helpful today.  I helped my dad assemble and disassemble a cabinet.  After we were about 2/3s done, my dad told me that my hw was to help him.  It was a bit loose ended, when about 3/4s done, I started to play, and no one bothered to stop me, so I continued.

I saw that somebody, probably my dad, downloaded a youku app.  I checked it out, and while it didn’t have  all the things I like from YouTube, it has other stuff.  In the search, I searched halo reach, and I got Justin beiber stuff.  What do Justin beiber and halo reach have in common anyway?

A cool video that was once on a tv show for being so awesome, was a guy using Microsoft paint to draw a stunningly accurate version of the mona Lisa in 2 and a half hours.  Isn’t that amazing? He also drew Ronald McDonald and some one else with ketchup and fries.  Wow.  I think he did that in one hour too.  Definentaly amazing.

I played a loooong time, but I was off the hook because my dad said that I helped a lot.  My dad is cool like that, he’s flexible.  We then went out and split up.  My parents went to fix a sim card, and everyone else, me, my sister, my grandma, and our new nanny, went to buy school supplies.  We checked a lot of stores, but only one had the stuff we needed.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get everything, but luckily, my parents found everything we didn’t find.  Whew!  I wonder where they went.

We also went to carrefour.  Since we had stuff similar to the stuff we bought, I was worried we would have to stop and prove that they didn’t sell it.  Luckily for us, we didn’t have to show anyone that the stuff came from a different place.  Double whew!

By then it was late, so we went home all exhausted, and my parents didn’t come back till we were in bed.  The bought a bed and also they ate out.  We ate at home.


Yesterday I woke up around a time that I don’t know.  These days are almost becoming a linear thing.  It always is wake up, eat breakfast, do hw, play, lunch/ go somewhere, play, dinner and night stuff like shopping.

Yesterday, I played portal 2.  I am stuck again.  At least whenever I start again, I think differently, making me able to solve the current puzzle.  I hope I can figure out how to solved it today.

At lunch, my family besides my dad went to the doctor’s office.  Fortunately, the doctor was having lunch.  We went to the bank instead.  The bank was in the same building as the doctor place.  It took about an hour for waiting.  When we were done, I realized that the doctor was probably back from lunch, but I redirected the attention to eating lunch.  

We went to the hotel nearby and ate at one of their restaurants.  It was Japanese, and the service sucked.  It took like half and hour to get our food.  For such a high classed hotel, it sucked.

We went back to the doctor’s office, and I was surprised it was about noon.  I was afraid of the shot, but I didn’t have to take one.  What I was afraid of was the skin test.  My mom said that I had one two years ago, but I don’t remember abut how the test went.  I was afraid because it was so near a vein cluster.  I heard in tkd, that if you got cut on the vein cluster on the wrist, you would die, so you can tell why I was scared. 

I cried a lot, I stuggeled, but it was worse because I was fighting it.  I didn’t relax my arm and hand until I got home.  Rachel actually took the test before me, and she said that it hurt, but not ofor long.  That was true, but it hurt like crazy.  Pain is slow, shots don’t hurt until about .8 of a second after you get the shot.  My friend fell off his bike and went like this:  he got up and said, I’m fine! Owwww! No I’m not! 

This pain however, came immediately.  Not for long thought, just as rachel said.  I really hope I don’t have to take the shot.  I’m not supposed to touch the wound.  They said I couldn’t shower, but I did because my parents insisted.  I wouldn’t have.  In three days, I am going back to check it or something.  

We went home and I played halo reach matchmaking. My dad came back, and I realized that I played longer than two hours.  See, I have a time limit that cannot be exceeded on playing games.  The only way to reset it was to wait till tomorrow.  I think it isn’t so bad, playing over 2 hours, as I said before I don’t get the whole time limit thing.

At night, we went to carrefour.  I didn’t get to see the nerf guns, but I did get to get school supplies.  I love getting school supplies for some reason.  They are so awesome to me, and I love getting everything and being mr back to school.  They didn’t see lined paper or 3 ring binders, which came as a big shock, so we now need to get them at some other place that I don’t know.  After we got home, I opened my school supplies and took a shower.  Shower, remember, I’m not supposed to.

Ps, I didn’t have to eat my vitamins.